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How SMB's can benefit from using Instagram for Business

Business is about creating a deep bond between customer and brand. The more engaged your customers are, the stronger your brand and reputation in the marketplace. The strength of your brand and reputation will directly result in greater sales, easier customer retention, less refunds, more engagement and more trust and likes for your brand. Today, what it is all about is the likes. How well is your company liked? How well is your company known? What story is your company telling to its audience? Are they sharing that story and also sharing their own story of how much they like your brand? In the age of social media, everybody is looking for an instant solution, instant idea or instant product they can use to fulfill their needs. Welcome to world of Instagram.

Why Instagram

Creating an account is simple and easy, but first you need to know why. Well I can give you 500 million reasons why. That is the number of Instagram users per month and they are engaged. Posting more than 95 million photos or videos daily and 4.2 billion likes per day. Instagram is where its at. Your business simply must be involved. Larger companies have created millions of followers who are engaging with the brand daily through photos and videos. Most importantly, they are engaging with companies in the social age creating and sustaining a relationship which starts with a photo and ends with a sale. They are the people who are doing the advertising for the brand by telling their friends and family about the products and services. They say a picture speaks a thousand words which begs the question how many words does an Instagram video speak? The visual images from your company HQ trigger the brain to work subconsciously sending the consumer images and ideas that get in touch with their desires and needs. People are responsive to what they see and now they are looking on Instagram. It is what the TV set, the radio, the newspaper or even the coffee shop was. The place to hear and see what’s new and what’s good these days is Instagram.

We all have brands we love and products that resonate with who we are. People want to connect with companies that represent where they are and where they are going. Today it is all about community and connection. Even with its social media competitors when it comes to actual engagement directly between consumers and brands - Instagram leads the way and by some considerable decision. Don’t believe me, how about the research from Forrester research which suggested that compared to twitter, Instagram users are 120 times more engaged per user! You can see why, it is a direct, instant dialogue with the end user. Are they going wild for those new shoes or is it just so-so? Can you quickly adapt to give them what they want? Are they excited by the new recipes in your restaurant? Can you create an early recipe launch and have it go viral on Instagram? If it goes viral and it spreads like wildfire you may need to hire another chef. That is the power of a picture and a video. Your fans and followers are watching and waiting to see what your business is doing next.

Your business and Instagram

Today the business learns from their customers about what they want in seconds. The interaction is alive and real, instant and uncensored. Your business not only has an unprecedented opportunity to create an army of followers but also to learn, evolve and adapt to a climate that wins, quicker and easier. The world of online means sharing the story about the best restaurant in town just got shared with hundreds of friends across the world with one click and post. Hello, we are talking and we are telling your story about how we felt interacting with your business whether you like it or not. It is probably best if you join in and share in that conversation because we are talking about you and your business online anyway. In the world of instant gratification, it is best to see that ‘thank you’ and compliment first from your customers and also fix any issues before they spread across the online universe. These days 100 happy customers tell 1000 of their connections quickly and easily about their pleasant experience. However, one bad customer with an unhappy experience is spreading the dirt in the parish quickly and they are not holding back. You need to put that fire out quickly. The closer the relationship you build with your customers, the more they tell their friends and family. The more you engage, the more engaged they feel about your products, brand and business.

Think about your business in five or ten years time. Hopefully, it'll still exist however it'll have passed through adaptations and changes. The most issue it wants for its survival and for it to thrive is hungry customers for your product. Instagram permits you to tap into a brand new audience of interested customers and followers. By not being involved on Instagram you're effectively missing out on an entire new stream of shoppers and followers, who can continue and share their story regarding your business to their followers. Instagram additionally has the potential to light some fire into a number of your alternative promoting methods that might do with some spark. How about using Instagram and then sharing those pictures and videos across social media to raise your likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter too? How about using Instagram to inform folks regarding your next promotion only for your local community? The millions are out there and waiting to be become loyal customers and followers if you can interact with them and listen to their feedback regarding your business.

What this all leads to is sales of your products and services. Instagram is a marketing funnel and strategy to create relationships with new and existing customers. These customers look at your products and videos and engage their views and ideas with you. You are taking up space in their minds. They are thinking about your products, services and business. They are talking about whether they should come in store or order online. This means that handled correctly and wisely, the opportunity of more customer sales long term is a real and viable opportunity. These days more people want to engage with the local small business or website that they know, like and trust. People do business with people. It just depends if you are sharing your story with the Instagram community who really are just your local community and potential customer base. Engage with them today to create a new army of loyal followers who will be dying to talk about what your business is doing tomorrow.

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